Ankle Bells and Ghungroos

Ankle Bells or Ghungroos

In general, all types of dancers such as as Asian,Indian Classical and Middle Eastern belly dancers wear ankle bells during their dance performances.The high quality metal brass bells in different liners (3, 4 and 5) are attached to either leather or cloth pads.

Ankle bells are called by different names in different parts of India. In Southern parts such as Andhra, it is known as Gajjelu,in Tamilnadu, Salangai, and in Kerala, Chilanka. In North, it is mostly known as Ghungroo. Usually adults prefer a 5 line or 4 line ankle bells and for teen- agers and small kids, one could select between a two liner or a four liner according to their sound preference.

We have multiple pictures associated with this product. They are both velvet and leather type ankle bells. Depending upon the selection any one of this models will be shipped to you.